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The Global Aesthetics Alliance (GAA) Mission and Objectives

The SEASON Aesthetic Conference is the 4th congress of the Global Aesthetics Alliance (GAA), a not-for-profit scientific exchange that has the mission of advancing procedural safety and outcomes in aesthetic medicine, identifying unmet needs in research and development, and fostering responsible media reporting in aesthetics.

The GAA was established in response to requests from educators, researchers and professional societies in dermatology and plastic surgery for non-commercialized, peer-to-peer informational exchange predicated on quality and integrity; and also due to mounting concern at some media depictions of aesthetic medicine and the aesthetics industry.

The first GAA Summit, which took place in London in 2016, catalysed a dialogue between dermatologists, plastic surgeons and scientists engaged in academic research and educational activities. We were honoured to have the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, official publication of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), and the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) Educational Exchange Work Group as our Academic Partners for this Summit. The second Summit of the GAA took place in Singapore in 2018 in collaboration with a non-commercialized conference (AnEW) that focused on safety and best practice in Asian aesthetics. All content presented at the GAA Summits is peer-reviewed in advance, to ensure fair balance and an evidence-based approach.

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